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Professional wizard (I mean, coach…) who used to be a lawyer. Global/🇩🇪 citizen in the 🇺🇸. Find purpose, clarity & focus here:

Here’s why size doesn’t matter.

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in that order

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Your inner writing muse needs some love

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Where does your creative block come from?

Making women overly afraid limits their freedom to move around in public spaces

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I think I’m finally getting good at this?

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  • My “writing emo (but sometimes pretty good) relationship articles for Elephant Journal and getting spoiled by receiving way too many views for someone starting out”- phase.
  • My “writing actually helpful but overly formulaic articles while going through a business course”-phase.
  • My “trying to write on my own blog rather than…

When it works to have a business and a boss — and when it doesn’t.

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Full-time employment/entrepreneurship

3 lessons from a year-long magical ritual

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To be a better creator, be a better consumer

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An index with quick links

Life Lessons

Personal Growth

Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

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