Appreciate the article, Srinivas Rao, which came highly recommended by Coach Tony.

It seems like the different traits you mentioned fall in two categories: what you do (quality/deep work/distinctiveness) and how/how long you do it (time/consistency).

I totally agree with the criteria you mentioned here, in particular with the emphasis on time and consistency because it sometimes get overlooked.

I think where people can get hung up on consistency is right at the beginning of their journey, when they’re not yet clear on what they actually want to do… for instance, they might wonder if they want to podcast, or blog, or or or and they haven’t yet narrowed it down to what they want to focus on.

In other words, they’re in a place where it’s still all experimental and they’re just trying things out. I wonder if at that point, focusing too much on consistency could actually be a hindrance to moving forward, just like focusing on marriage on a first date would be too much pressure.

Of course, once people are past the phase where they “date” an idea, commitment to consistency is necessary, for all the reasons you mentioned.

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