Hahah, thanks for going a little off there, that excitement is great!

Yes, the evolutionary link to danger is something I hadn’t thought about. It seems nowadays a lot of the dangers we face are the ones we put ourselves in (given that the 5 habits that really prolong our lives include things such as not smoking, exercise etc.) and not things such as “stay away from the saber-tooth tiger.”

In terms of individual differences, yes, I agree!

I have been able to change habits quite drastically and often by myself so I like to think that I would fall into the group of people who can change by themselves, if they really have to. (But probably everybody else thinks that, too… so who knows?)

Here’s the link to my article. Just so you know, I’m not really a fan of my writing style there (plus Elephant Journal wants authors to use “we” instead of “you” so it feels a bit mushy sometimes). I think the factor that would be most similar to “we change when we have to” is this one:

“It has become too painful; the situation is simply intolerable. This is a straightforward motivational factor. An intolerable situation can include an abusive partner or a toxic work environment.”

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