Hi Jake, I was happy to see this article as a suggestion for me to read and love the idea of switching to play mode! I will keep that in mind.

I recently wrote a short article about the importance of play and, if I remember correctly, I, unfortunately, couldn’t find too many Medium articles about this topic (whereas there are a gazillion about productivity).

Even though play is so important! It also has amazing benefits that don’t get talked about often enough. For instance, the data in a paper out of Michigan State University suggests that there is a

“very significant relationship between success as a scientist and evidence of adult arts and crafts avocations.”

According to the data presented in this paper, Nobel Prize winners are almost three times as likely to have these hobbies as the US general public.

If anyone wants to read more about the importance of Floris Koot has written an in-depth article on this topic.

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