Hi Steve,

I thought this was a really beautiful article! I could really feel your heart and your wisdom in it.

And wow, what a shift to go from “all out” to not having a voice at all. Perhaps sometimes we need to go inside and quiet before we can go out into the world once again?

Like I said, I don’t regret any of the turmoil or financial or emotional stress that came of it. If anything, I only regret not documenting those moments while I was in them, so my story could be of better service to all.

I think I actually read an article of yours where, if I recall it correctly, you talked openly about financial and emotional stress. So at least from the outside, it seemed to me like you were already doing this, at least to some extent. Or am I missing something?

There are two sides to every story, even yours.

Love this. I think there are a near infinite number of sides (or perspectives) to every story. :)

Fav topics: passion, purpose & productivity. Devil’s advocate. 🇩🇪 in the 🇺🇸. Past life: BigLaw, academia. Free course: do what you love → bit.ly/2Lbkl3g

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