Hi Tony,

I loved your subtitle “You Will Be Shown The Way When You Stop Resisting” (so beautiful!) and your Kübler-Ross quote.

In general, I think the orientation you describe about finding the lesson in challenging times is super-helpful. It’s an orientation I’ve tried to follow in my life.

When it comes to grief, I’ve recently changed my opinion a little bit, after reading the book “It’s okay that you’re not okay.” The book is about grief and the author describes in detail how grief-phobic society is.

What I took away from her writing is that it’s okay if there’s no lesson in loss, or if we’d never pay that high a price (the loss of someone we love) for that lesson. So, the way I understood that is that sometimes, the desire to find a lesson in grief can be a “spiritual bypass” and a way to not fully let the grief in, if that makes sense?

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