I partially agree and partially disagree.

I think it’s super-important that writers feels safe on Medium.

I’m just not sure if banning anonymous accounts is the right way to go about it.

Here’s why:
there are many different ways of feeling safe. For you and me (I assume you live in a democratic country where free speech is not an issue), feeling safe as a writer includes not being subjected to harsh criticism that’s not constructive at all.

For writers in some other countries, this might be the least of their concern as far as safety goes. For instance, in some places writing about one’s homosexuality, beliefs about religion, or opinion about the government (among other things) under one’s own name can be extremely risky. These writers might fear backlash ranging from political persecution all the way to physical violence and even death.

By not allowing anonymous accounts, you might silence the voice of some of these writers. I don’t think that would be a good outcome.

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