For all the things that we’re taught in school, the most important lesson we learn in life is one that is a product of the school of hard knocks: Fear is our lifelong adversary and friend.

I really like that you put a positive spin on fear, Chris! It’s rather unusual, so many articles see fear as only the enemy.

I think our culture is really fear-phobic and yet, there is so much that fear can teach us. In one of my articles, I wrote that we don’t get to tell our fear to shut up (given that we probably wouldn’t even be alive if our ancestors hadn’t felt fear that kept them from doing something reckless).

It’s also my experience that fear becomes much less intense if we really get to the bottom of what it is trying to warn us about. Like, I’ve seen people’s level of fear go from a 9 or 10 (on a scale of 1–10 where 10 is the highest) to, say, a 3 or 4 within less than 30 minutes, just by skillfully exploring that fear.

I also liked the strategies you named for dealing with fear and will keep them in mind.

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