I think this was a much-needed article, Sky.

This made me laugh:

Instead of standing on the shoulders of a giant, we find ourselves getting caught up with gnomes…

You’re so spot on here:

There is not time on the clock to simultaneously have abs like Brad Pitt, wealth like Mark Zuckerberg, and the singing voice of Michael Bublé. Your ass isn’t going to look like Jen Selter while you’re trying to build your business like Sophia Amoruso and writing away to be the next Cheryl Strayed.

This reminded me of something I think I read in an article by Ryan Holiday where he mentioned that if we’re going to compare ourselves to someone, we need to compare ourselves completely.

That means looking at the person’s entire life and seeing if we’d really like to trade. For instance, a complete comparison could look like this: “Brad Pitt has great abs but he’s also divorced, and not only once. That’s not what I’d like for my life. I’d rather keep my own abs and my spouse, thank you very much.”

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