I think you bring up a really important question with the shadow side of success and I am glad to read about it as it’s not that often talked about in our culture which glorifies its successes.

It sometimes surprises me whom our culture sees as great role models. For instance, the Buddha allegedly left his wife and child to pursue his enlightenment. Is that really a cause that deserves more adoration than being a loving family father?

Your point in the article reminds me of a saying I’ve heard: “every great strength comes with an equally great challenge.” By the looks of it, that was true for Picasso as well.

In terms of Picasso’s unhappy marriages, I am not sure I would put the responsibility for his wives’ unhappiness completely on him. Of course his behavior is inexcusable and he sounds like a horrible person to be in relationship with. At the same time, us capable adults (a description I assume applies to Picasso’s wives) are in many ways responsible for creating our own happiness in life through the choices we make.

Thank you for the thought provoking article!

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