Thanks for this article, Aytekin!

I really like that you pointed out that people have different peak hours which is something that productivity gurus seem to forget. Basically, just because something works for you doesn’t mean it works for the whole world.

(Coincidentally, for some groups waking up at 5 or 6 am would be terrible advice. For instance, the circadian rhythm of teenagers changes which makes them alert later at night which in turn makes it harder to get up early. Of course, teenagers are not the prime addressees of these productivity articles but still…)

Another aspect that I have never seen mentioned in these productivity articles are work situations that require a different sleep schedule.

For instance, how is this supposed to work for doctors who sometimes have a night shift? Or people working with teams in different time zones?

For instance, when I worked as an attorney in Europe and collaborated with a team in the US (which was six hours behind us), there were times when I found myself working at 5 am— but only because I had been at work for close to 20 hours and hadn’t yet gone to bed. 😪

I’m not sure how productivity gurus imagine an international team spread around the world could function if everyone insisted on doing their morning routines at 5 or 6 am their time.

So, thanks so much for writing your article! I think it really helps that this is coming from someone who founded a well-known company. I think this gives your sound advice more credibility and will have people take it more seriously.

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