That is very deep and comprehensive article, Jurgen! It’s obvious that a lot of thought and research went into it.

I clicked on it because I find the question of identity endlessly fascinating.

When I was recently interviewed, I got asked the question: “Who are you?” I find it so hard to answer that question so I began with “I’m a mystery, like everyone else” before giving more concrete, biographical information.

I think there’s truth to that. Even with all that we can know about others and about ourselves, there’s always still that mystery and it makes life much more interesting.

I think you touched on so many layers of identity. One more layer I might add to it is the pure level of Consciousness or Awareness or what could be called the Witnessing or Observing Self.

By that I mean the part of us that is always just observing what’s going on without getting sucked into the drama and that can be experienced in meditation or in certain state experiences.

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