What a beautiful article, Mo!

I love Khalil Gibran. My parents used part of his poem “On Children” to announce my birth and I include his words “work is love made visible” on my business cards.

And, I think you just introduced me to another favorite from him (“…there is no deeper desire than the desire to be revealed.”) I hadn’t heard these particular lines before but they are gorgeous.

I also loved your reflections about them and about your own desire to create. It sounded like you got some amazing insights from looking into that. What you said about being both interconnected and an individual (and the subsequent drive to reveal ourselves) deeply resonated with me.

In a way, being both one with all and a separate individual is the paradox of existence and relationships. I wasn’t expecting to read about that in a Medium article, so I was more than positively surprised.

There are so many of your phrases I liked, so I’ll just point out one:

“…like all human beings, I’m yearning to reveal my true inner self to the outside world. I want my madness to be seen.”

It reminded me of the meme redefining the meaning of “NAMASTE” to:

“The crazy in me honors and recognizes the crazy in you.”

In this sense, Namaste, Mo!

Fav topics: passion, purpose & productivity. Devil’s advocate. 🇩🇪 in the 🇺🇸. Past life: BigLaw, academia. Free course: do what you love → bit.ly/2Lbkl3g

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